Early age – Bashkim Braho was born in Tirana, the capital of Albania, on March 20th 1948. His talent was noticed at a very young age, and he would dance encouraged by family members who had fun watching his playful moves. His sister would play the daire (similar to a tambourine) while Bashkim would dance in front of his relatives, getting the first taste of an enthusiastic audience. He completed “Kosova” grade school while dancing as a member of an amateur group. He continued his education at the Lycée Artistic “Jordan Misja”.


Award ceremony with Albanian ambassador, Aleksander Sallabanda


Dancing career – In 1962 Braho entered the prestigious School of Music and Dance in Tirana, Albania. While at school, he was a student of the famous Albanian dance instructor, Gezim Kaceli, who trained in Moscow for five years. Braho danced professionally in the Theater of Opera and Ballet in Tirana for twenty-six years. His extensive and successful artistic career includes international tours in sixteen countries in Europe, Africa and Asia:

1970 Dijon Festival, France. EFDS was awarded the “Gold medal”.
1971 Dance tour in Kosova, where for the first time he dances as a first soloist.
1974 Dance tour in China and Korea.
1976 Dance tour in Sweded and Norway.
1977 Dance tour in Greece.
1978 Dance tour in Greece.
1979 Dance tour in Turkey.
1980 Dance tour in France.
1981 Dance tour in Greece.
1982 Dance tour in Switzerland.
1983 Dance tour in Germany.
1985 Dance tour in Italy
1986 Dance tour in Italy
1987 Dance tour in Italy
1988 Dance tour in Italy
1989 Dance tour in Italy


Choreographing – In 1989, Braho established and directed ‘Krahu i Shqiponjes’ (The Eagle’s Wing) folk ensemble which achieved great success in Albania and also abroad. This dance group conducted many performances displaying the ancient Albanian folklore, in Croatia (1993), Turkey (1995) and finally Spain (1996), where they were awarded with the “Medal of Honor” by Spain’s Art Council.


Across the Atlantic – Moving to Boston, Massachusetts in 1995, not only did it not end his artistic career, but it gave it a fresh new start. The move sparked the establishment of the Bashkimi Dance which, under his leadership and administration, continues to perform dances from various regions of Albania. Among the many performances, worth noting is the one given in honor of former US President Bill Clinton, on June 9th, 2003. Another cherished achievement is the participation in the annual Balkan Festival in Natick, MA, as well as the annual Albanian Festival in NY. Braho is an important name among the contributors of the Albanian art in the world.



The passion and dedication of the choreographer, the talent and chemistry among the ranks of the troupe, and a good amount of perseverance have all been significant factors in the successes of Bashkimi Dance. We consider participation in every competition and festival as a stability or growth indicator. Below follows a full list of all our performances through the years.