MAAS “Besa” Scholarship


Oct 2017


The Massachusetts Albanian American Society “BESA” (MAASBESA) is an independent and not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the well-being a

nd progress of the Albanian-American community of Massachusetts.

Its activities include:

  • promoting and organizing local social and cultural events that serve the community;
  • promoting education and awareness of Albanian language and culture among local Albanian youths and students;
  • creating and developing a network to assist people in professional development; and
  • assisting community members in need of any help and/or orientation in various aspects of daily life in the area

MAASBESA is dedicated to bringing the Albanian community together and promoting our culture within our society.  We hope that you (as a college student) will join us on this journey. Enclosed you will find an application for the MAASBESA scholarship. Please pay close attention to all the directions and guidelines.  The application must be completed and include all requested information in order to be considered by the Scholarship Selection Committee.

The MAASBESA scholarship may be used towards school supplies (such as books or other school fees) that are purchased at school stores.  The conclusive amount of the scholarship will be $2,000 and it will be awarded to two students ($1,000 each) based on the achievements and merits as listed in the application to follow.

All applications must be emailed by Monday, May 30th  , 2017.  Please send your application to: [email protected]. Scholarship applicants will be notified of a decision by June 15th , 2017, and the scholarships will be awarded before September 1, 2017.