VATRA Adult Day Care

With the “VATRA” Adult Day Care Grand Opening approaching, MAAS Besa in coordination with Mr. Agron Gjerasi

have organized an information panel on VATRA that will include topics of Health Care, proper nutrition, activities and entertainment for our parents.

Some of the key points to know about the center are:

1- FREE of Charge for elderly over 65 who qualify for Mass Health Standard or Basic.
2- FREE Transportation to and from the “VATRA” Day Care Center
3- Two Free meals a day from traditional Albanian cuisine.
4- Qualified medical staff monitoring medications, diet, medical problems on a daily basis.
5- Entertainment Activities: gymnastics, bingo,birthday celebrations, Albanian and American TV channels, regular visits to the mall,parks or restaurants in the area, concerts, dancing parties.
6- Program Hours: Monday- Saturday 10am-4pm